We have 5 progressive dance levels in this edition of the Valencia Balboa Festival that are based on the overall dance experience of the participants:  1) Lumby, 2) Jive at Five, 3) Flying Home, 4) Blue Lou, 5) Master. In the real world this could be translated as 1) Intermediate, 2) Intermediate Advance, 3) Advanced, 4) Advanced Plus, 5) Master. Please read the descriptions of each level. Remember that this is an international Festival and that the level is not the same as the regular classes in your city. After reading the description, you can choose a level according to your instinct, modesty and ambition. Please, we ask for an honest self-evaluation as everyone is responsible for creating a comfortable atmosphere in the classes.


You are dancing for more than 2 years, taking regular classes and going to workshops. You know all the basics and also some variations. Medium tempos are your favourite. You would like to be better on fast tempos, learn more complicated shapes and rhythms.


You have been dancing for more than 3 years and you regularly attend lessons, social dance and international workshops. You can handle any tempo (slow, fast and very fast). You improvise following the change of music.


Your dance is full of rhythms and shapes and you know some fancy moves. You attend international workshops and are always at advanced levels. You want to work on new steps, but you are also interested in improving technique and musicality.


No tempo scares you, your dancing is resourceful and you don’t think twice about competing in the international festivals you attend. At this level, dancers will be required to dance to fast tempo up to 250 bpm and feel comfortable with rhythm and improvisation.


Balboa is what you do! You are a teacher in your scene and travel to take or to give classes, use to attend international workshops quite often and are on the Master / Invitational Level. You have read all the other levels and think they are not enough for you.