Safe Event


  • Valencia Balboa Festival is a festival where to learn and share experiences related to jazz as an Afro-American art form and all the culture and history that surround it. From Black Bottom Studio we believe that everyone who so wishes can enjoy our cultural offerings, regardless of age, sex, physique, gender expression, sexual orientation, social status or place of origin, as long as they maintain a respectful attitude towards others, as well as with the culture and origins of our activity. Through our proposals (classes, events, festivals…) we aim to provide a safe space for socialization, solidarity and enjoyment in community, as well as the opportunity to learn, always with the intention of enriching each other. 
  • We are committed to anti-racism, feminism and pacifism, and we work to make our events and activities places of respect and commitment, based on these values. 
  • Following the latest developments regarding Russia’s war in Ukraine, Israel’s genocide in Gaza and other active war conflicts, we are openly against it and want to support the victims and the groups whose physical safety and that of their compatriots are affected. 
  • We offer free passes or discounts on classes and Festivals to refugees from these countries or ANYONE in need. If you would like to apply for one of our passes or discounts, please contact us. 
  • Russian, Belarusian and Israeli dancers who show that they are against their regime and against the war in Ukraine and the genocide in Gaza are welcome at our festival. 
  • That said, we understand that all those who are encouraged to participate in any of our proposals share our vision. 


  • Valencia Balboa Festival is against any sexist, homophobic or racist behaviour, and any kind of aggression, sexual, verbal or physical. We will not tolerate under any circumstances any such behaviour, being this reason for expulsion from the Festival without the possibility of reimbursement. If you see such a situation, whether you or others are the victim, please report it to the Festival team (organising staff or volunteers). We encourage victims of abuse, harassment or aggression to contact the VBF organisation. We are here to help you.